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Color Samples

We have the ability to match nearly any color when supplied with a physical sample. Below is a table with our most common color samples. However, we have over 100 color samples at our office. Along with the various colors that we are able to produce; there are two main finishes that we apply, acid etch (AE) and smooth (SM).

We utilize Davis and Solomon coloring in our mixes. Color cards (samples) can be found at both and The actual colors of the samples below will vary slightly from what you see. Please contact our office about color options.

101-02 AE
color sample
101-02 SM
107-02 AE
107-02 SM
108-02 AE
108-02 SM
109-02 AE
109-02 SM
201-02 AE
201-02 SM
203-02 AE
203-02 SM
301-02 AE
301-02 SM
303-02 AE
303-02 SM

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